Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slow progress

Well it's been at least two weeks since I even touched the guitar.  I've been too busy on the weekends and just too tired during the week to work on it.  However, this weekend I got some free time so decided to work on removing the poly-coat finish over the area of the body that I'll be carving.  This was a pain to remove and took about 3 hours just to do the hair/body.  I used my gouges to basically shave the 1mm thick layer of poly-coat (or whatever finish is on this thing).  I could have sanded it, but I don't have a power sander and doing it by hand would have been terrible and messy.  Plus, I'm having to re-draw each section as I remove the top finish layer since that is where the outlines are.  Not fun.  But now that this chore is finished, I can finally start to do some actual carving.  Once I get finished carving the entire thing, I'll use a power sander to remove the poly-coat from the non-cosmetic surfaces such as underneath the pick guard and the back of the guitar.  I want to have raw wood exposed on all exterior surfaces before I begin applying my own finish, otherwise it will be uneven and maybe even discolored wherever the poly-coat is.

Here are some pics of the progress from today:
Removing the poly-coat by hand
Darker areas still have the poly-coat


  1. Your guitar is looking good so far. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks man - I'm hoping to get back into it more this week and make some good progress on the carving.