Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let the games begin

I spent a few hours yesterday starting the hard part of this project: carving the details of the body.  I'm taking it nice and slow, mostly with my #5 20mm gouge in small shallow cuts.  I figure if I'm screwing up, I'll be doing it slowly enough that I can see it and take measures to correct it.  It is definitely a slow process and I can now see that this is going to take several weeks to do it properly, especially if I can only spend a few hours a night on it.  Here are some pics of the small amount of progress so far.  You can see I'm starting with the leg in the foreground, slowly shaping it and rounding it off.  My plan is to start to angle the left side of the body back towards the background, and then I'll begin adding detail and depth to the individual features.  At least that's the plan...for now.  I also pulled out the Dremel and cut around the jack plate on the right side and then cleaned it up with the hand chisels.

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