Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some random artwork

This has nothing to do with the guitar, but I'm gonna post some random artwork I did several years ago.  For a while I was on this kick of drawing some of my favorite musicians, so that's what a lot of them are.
Stevie Ray Vaughan - this is the first musician I attempted.
Eric Clapton...face is jacked up
My man Hedrix
Bob Marley
Kurt Cobain - this one's my favorite and surprisingly took the least amount of time to draw (~4 hrs)
I did a lot of other random drawings too.  Here's a few that don't suck completely:
Tiger...not sure what I was thinking
Random chick
Here's a picture I drew of Kelly and me the first year we were dating.  The picture is one we took at the Trail of Lights in 2004.  Not my greatest, but looks a little but recognizable right?  ...right?

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